Logo protection: Do you want to protect a logo or “patent a logo”? – Trademark attorney helps for an all-inclusive price!

Even if one often reads in inquiries to the logo protection that someone would like to patent a trademark or to patent a logo or the like, strictly speaking this has nothing to do with a patent protection or the patent law. If you want to protect a logo, other intellectual property rights – such as design protection and, above all, trademark protection – are relevant to trademark a symbol. Our German Patent Attorney’s Office and IP Law Firm with “Trademark Lawyer” (Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney or Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) will be happy to help you with this matter!

If you are only interested in the protection of the visual appearance of a logo, but if it is not intended to be a brand, then a design application (design patent application) should be considered. In the following overview, you will find e.g. information as well as our respective offers in this regard:

If, however, you require trademark protection or trademark rights, you will find in the following e.g. information as well as our respective offers in this regard:

Logo protection via trademark law (e.g. as a figurative mark, word and figurative mark / word and device mark / word and image trademark) comes into consideration, for example, if you want to register a classic fashion brand for clothing or need trademark protection for your jewelry range, furniture, lamps etc.. Also “influencer brands” for a social business on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Co. or “Amazon brands” for sellers on the Amazon Marketplace may be covered by a trademark registration.

If you are not yet sure how to protect your idea, we recommend to use our free idea protection check!

Our Patent Attorney’s Office and IP Law Firm with Patent Lawyer (European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) as well as German Attorney at Law (Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) has been assisting clients of various sizes and from a wide range of fields with the topics of trademark law, design law / design patent law, patent law, utility model law, unfair competition law, etc. for years and would also be happy to assist you with your inquiry!