Startup: Patent application with Patent Attorney made easy!

If you are a startup, a founder of a new business or a young company and have an innovative idea that you would like to protect in Germany / Europe at a reasonable price, then you have come to the right place! Our experienced Patent Lawyer (German Patent Attorney and European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) and German Attorney at Law (Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) will be happy to support you in protecting your idea quick and easy!

Free initial consultation from Patent Attorney for startups

Startups are also welcome to contact us for a free initial consultation on protecting their idea without any obligation. Our specialists (Patent Attorney and IP Lawyer) can then answer general questions about patent protection, utility model protection, trademark protection and design protection, which are for example: What is patentable and what is not? Can I have my app protected? Can I patent software? How can I protect software? Is software patentable? Can I protect my app idea? Is there any funding for my patent application? How can I protect my product idea? How can I patent my name? Which trademark should I register?

Why is a patent important for a startup?

First, a registered patent can protect your invention from copycats and gives you the sole right to use the idea and sell products with it. Without a patent, others can simply copy your idea and there is (almost) nothing you can do about it. Second, a registered patent or utility model also makes an idea tradable and you can e.g. sell the intellectual property right or license it to others to earn money. Furthermore, a patent can also be highlighted in advertising and it can help to convince investors, business angels and partners of the idea and its potential.

What are the next steps in filing a patent for a startup?

Since a patent must be worldwide “new” and any publication is detrimental to novelty, it is very important that the idea is kept secret or only disclosed to third parties (e.g. business angels, investors, financiers) with a signed (effective) non-disclosure agreement.

However, it often makes more sense to first file the invention as a patent or have it protected as a utility model so that it can then be published without any problems. For this purpose, the idea should be summarized at least in bullet points. Also if necessary drawings or photos of it should be made, so that the Patent Attorney understands the “core” of the invention and can conduct an optional patent search / utility model search (prior art search), if necessary.

Important: As German Attorneys, we are legally bound to secrecy and confidentiality, so you don’t have to worry about us “stealing” your idea.

How does the patent application process work in Germany / Europe with a Patent Attorney?

After entrusting us, our Patent Attorney will accompany you through the entire patent application process and is also available as a contact person. This starts with an (optional) patent search (e.g. in the patent registers or databases of the patent office), a consultation on the patent strategy / application strategy up to the drafting of the patent application or utility model application and the filing of the patent application at the Patent Office / Patent and Trademark Office (e.g. at the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO / DPMA) or at the European Patent Office (EPO / EPA) in Munich). We are also happy to help with international patent applications (PCT applications at the WIPO) for worldwide patent protection. We take a lot of work off your shoulders so that you can take care of other important things and the issue is handled in the best possible way!

What does a patent application cost? What are the costs for patent protection?

As a special feature of FlatRateIP® we offer a patent application for a low flat rate, so you know from the beginning what the patent application costs and what are the costs for patent protection and you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. Our price for a patent application or for a utility model application depends on the respective scope (e.g. number of claims, number of pages, drawings). In addition to our transparent costs for the Patent Lawyer, the official fees of the Patent Office will be charged. In the course of the application procedure further costs may be incurred for responding to office actions depending on the case. However, as soon as the relevant effort foreseeable, we will of course inform you about them, so that you can always decide whether you want to take the next step.

Why should you choose our Patent and IP Law Firm?

Our team is made up of experienced patent law experts who specialize in filing patents and protecting your ideas, among other subjects for many years. We have been able to help hundreds of companies, including a large number of startups and founders from around the world, to protect their inventions, working in a straightforward and reliable manner. From our experience, we know the challenges of startups and young companies and are happy to support you in protecting your ideas!


A patent can be an essential aspect for the success of your startup in Germany, Europe and other countries. We are happy to help you and your founding team to protect the idea as good as possible. Contact us now without obligation for a free initial consultation and discuss the next steps with the experts at our Patent and Intellectual Property Law Firm!