Protection for European Union Trademarks (“EU trademarks”) and Community Designs (“EU designs”) in Great Britain / United Kingdom after Brexit (renewal, new application)

Until the Brexit, “EU trademarks” / European Union trademarks as well as “EU designs” / Community designs were automatically also protected in the United Kingdom (GB / UK / “England”) as one of the formerly 28 member states. However, the EU exit of this member state (“Brexit”) resulted in the fact that only those trademarks and designs are protected, which had already been registered at the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) before the withdrawal date (December 31st, 2020). (A mere EU trademark application or EU design application as well as pending opposition proceedings against a trademark in the European Union on the withdrawal date was not sufficient in this case). Registered EU intellectual property rights (IP rights) were “cloned” / copied as separate national trademarks / designs for GB / the UK into the trademark register / design register and have the same term of protection as the original EU trademark or Community design. However, they must be renewed separately with the UK Trademark Office (UKIPO).

If you need support for these spun-off IP rights in Great Britain / the United Kingdom or if you would like to file new intellectual property rights there, we will be happy to help you and can also get you in contact with our colleagues!

Our Patent Law Firm and IP Law Office offers you the following services (or can get you in contact with our colleagues in this regard):

Renewal of trademarks in Great Britain

trademark renewal in England of UK trademarks (paying of maintenance fees)

Renewal of designs / design patents as well as ``collective applications`` in Great Britain

design renewal in England

Trademark application in Great Britain

“English trademark application” for a trademark protection in GB / UK

Design application in Great Britain

“English design application” for a design protection in GB / UK

Support with possible problems in connection with GB trademarks and GB designs

e.g. in an opposition proceeding, cancellation proceeding etc.


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