Patent and IP Law Firm: Many IP services for flat rate prices!

Through FlatRateIP®, our experienced Intellectual Property Law Firm with several hundred successful IP right applications provides various flat-rate offers as an “all-inclusive carefree package” in the area of intellectual property rights (IP rights) and beyond – as far as this is legally permissible and the requirements are met. We represent all kind of businesses from startups to established companies as well as other Law Firms from around the world and understand FlatRateIP® as a kind of digital IP Law Firm with Patent Attorney / Patent Lawyer and German Certified IP Lawyer, which can be reached quickly and online.

In the following, you can choose partly in the context of a first “online legal advice” or “digital legal advice” from various service packages in the fields of trademark law, patent law, utility model law, design law and in connection with “Amazon problems” etc..

How to protect an idea in Germany?

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Key benefits
of FlatRateIP®

Transparent flat fee prices / flat rates for numerous “IP offers” without hidden costs and with full cost control (flatrate IP services for trademark, design, patent and utility model applications etc.)
Covering the full range of professional services concerning industrial property rights: patents, designs, trade marks and utility models in different countries and territories
No platform! Competitive prices and no “brokerage commission”!
One-stop shop for IP matters in Germany and (various) services also in other countries of Europe with the goal of an “all-round carefree package“
Direct contact without long waiting time as well as professional handling by experienced Patent Attorney / Certified IP Lawyer / IP specialist and close cooperation and coordination with you
Quick and easy contact with intellectual property specialists (via email, telephone or online without registration and time-consuming personal meetings)
Long-term experience and specialization of the partners of the Patent and IP Law Firm through the handling of hundreds of industrial property right applications
Use of “legal tech” (also for efficient processing of standardized inquiries) for a kind of “online Patent Attorney’s Office and IP Law Firm“
High customer orientation: client is the focus of our activities with the aim of achieving the best possible result → Pay only for the service you actually require!
International network of colleagues: We can support you in choosing professionals for your legal issues outside Germany
Experienced IP Agents / Trademark Agents / Patent Agents in Germany
In general quick and direct reaction to and answering of inquiries

Overview of individual services of

Our IP Law Firm with Intellectual Property Attorneys, being a German / European Patent Attorney / Patent Lawyer (European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) and a German Certified IP Lawyer offers fixed prices / flat rates for the following areas of intellectual property law (among others), if the requirements are met:

Trademark protection / trade mark prosecution / brand registration (e.g. trademark a logo / “patent” a name or trademark symbols):

Problems on platforms such as Amazon & Ebay (“Online Law“ / “Internet Law“):

Online issues, e.g. problems on or (e.g. with competitors, attack as well as defense like suspensions / blockings)

Infringements of intellectual property (IP rights) / violations or industrial property

e.g. warning letters („Abmahnungen“) due to (alleged) infringements of intellectual property rights

Enforcement of IP rights / IPR enforcement and litigation

(e.g. in cases of IP pirates, trade mark trolls, counterfeit and pirated goods, cooperation with Customs)
Developing of tailor-made and proactive IP right strategies

Just contact us or use our “idea protection check“ if you do not yet know exactly which intellectual property right suits you.