Infringement of rights / warning letters due to violation of intellectual property rights (IP) etc. in Germany (“Attack” and “Defense”) – IP lawyer assists

In Germany, a warning letter (German: “Abmahnung“) normally takes place before a legal dispute in the field of intellectual property rights (industrial property rights) and the IP Lawyer issuing the warning letter normally demands to submit a declaration to cease and desist with a promise of contractual penalties (C&D letter). Warning letters are issued in cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, e.g. trademark infringement, patent infringement, utility model infringement, design infringement as well as in unfair competition law (“advertising law” / “consumer protection law”), and often take place online on websites such as Amazon, Ebay, etc.

We support you both as an intellectual property right owner or competitor in taking action against infringers (i.e. in an “attack” on third parties and in the IPR enforcement and litigation), and if you have received a warning letter from a Patent Attorney, Trademark Lawyer or Certified IP Lawyer in trademark law, patent law, utility model law, design law or unfair competition law and would like to react appropriately to it (i.e. in a “defense” situation – for example against a “warning letter lawyer”).

Our IP Law Firm with German and European Patent Trademark and Design Attorney and a German Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer (specialist in industrial property law) represents clients in Germany in these matters and will provide you with a free initial assessment as well as proposals on possible further actions and information on costs.

Contact us if you need assistance e.g. in the following matters:

Attack on third parties for possible infringements (e.g. if you want to send a warning letter)
Contact us and send us further information on the facts of the case
Defense against (alleged) infringement (e.g. if you have received a warning letter)
Contact us and send us the warning letter or preliminary injunction / lawsuit and further information on the facts of the case

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German Attorney-at-Law / Certified IP Lawyer with over 10 years of experience in handling many warning letters / Cease-and Desist-Letters (C&D letters) with cease-and-desist declarations, preliminary rulings / interim injunctions and lawsuits


Personal and individual advice from a specialized IP Lawyer
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Overview of individual services of our Intellectual Property Attorneys:

Our Intellectual Property Law Firm with German Attorney at Law (Certified IP Lawyer, particularly working as trademark lawyer / trademark attorney in the filelds of trademark law, design law and unfair competition law) and German and European Patent Attorney (“European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney”) can support you in the following areas in attacking and defending against infringements – in case of out-of-court representation and if the requirements are met often at a fixed price / all-inclusive price:

Trademark Law & Trademark Prosecution: Warning letter due to trademark infringement / likelihood of confusion of trade marks

(e.g. domain name, company mark, German trademark and “EU trademark” / Union trademark: word mark, figurative mark, logo protection, etc.) and partially also in the case of a preliminary ruling / interim injunction or action at a German District Court

Design Law & Design Prosecution: Warning notice due to design infringement / violation of an industrial design patent

(e.g. if a German design or Community design / “EU design” is infringed) and partially also in the case of an interim injunction or law suit before a District Court

Patent Law / Utility Model Law & Patent Prosecution, Litigation and Disputes: Warning notice due to patent violation or warning letter due to utility model infringement

(e.g. if a German patent is infringed or a German utility model is infringed) and partially also in the case of an interim injunction or action before the District Court


Unfair Competition Law: Warning letter due to violation of unfair competition law

(in case of unlawful actions such as misleading advertising) as well as in case of a preliminary injunction or law suit / legal action at a District Court (German: “Landgericht“)

Problems on Amazon

(product blocking, suspension of an ASIN, “Amazon warning letter”, etc.) here you can find further information to it.

“Anti-piracy” & “Anti-counterfeiting”

Including legal action against infringers, border seizure proceedings etc.

Just contact us and send our Patent and IP Law Firm more information about the case. One of our specialized IP Lawyers (Patent Attorney or Certified IP Lawyer) will then provide you an individual offer for the next step, mostly depending on the constellation and the expected processing effort.