Problems on platforms like Amazon & Ebay e.g. in Germany (online law / internet law ) – German IP Lawyer helps!

Platforms or marketplaces such as (AMZ), and Alibaba are becoming increasingly important for many sellers and often represent the main source of income for merchants. However, as the number of users grows, so do the problems (on Amazon, among others) with competitors or third parties. In the event of infringements of intellectual property rights (e.g. violations of trademark law, patent law, utility model law, industrial design law / design patent law or copyright law – for example in the case of copying of photos / images of the product or packaging and in the case of copying of texts) as well as infringements of unfair competition law, warning letters and suspension of a product / blocking of ASINs or the user account can occur. In many cases, traders do not achieve the desired result even when contacting Amazon or Ebay. We are looking forward to help you, to ideally find a quick solution for your problem!

Our German Patent and Intellectual Property Law Firm has been able to support numerous sellers from various countries and industries in recent years with their problems with third parties on platforms like Ebay ( / and Amazon, as well as the various marketplaces (such as on,, etc.). Even though we are not yet a partner law firm of the Amazon IP Accelerator program, we can offer you comprehensive services and support you with our experience in such matters.

Contact our specialized attorneys (German Attorney at Law / Certified IP Lawyer or Patent Attorney) if you e.g. need assistance with the following topics:

In case of a suspension: If Amazon account / ASIN / listing is blocked (``Suspension``)
(e.g. clearly false accusation in case of abusive blocking)

  1. Examination of the violation & assessment of the accusation
  2. (If applicable) contact with Amazon / Ebay regarding suspension / blocking of the listing / offer and/or with the other party

Action / complaint against competitor: Third party commits (possible) infringement on Amazon / Ebay, etc.

  1. Examination of the violation & assessment of the accusation
  2. (If applicable) contact with Amazon / Ebay regarding suspension / blocking of the listing / offer and/or with the other party

Amazon Brand Registry (trademark for Amazon)
➔ An own registered trademark (e.g. a registered German trademark) also brings you various advantages for your Amazon business!

In the event of a (possible) infringement of intellectual property rights or a (possible) legal violation, the following procedure is usually recommended (if you entrust us):

Overview of individual services:

Our IP Law Firm with German Attorney-at-Law (Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) as well as German and European Patent Attorney (European Trademark and Design Attorney) offers fixed prices / all-inclusive prices (or makes you an individual offer) for the following “online topics” (“online law” / “Internet law”) (among other things), if the requirements are met:

Proceeding against infringement of your intellectual property rights by third parties

(e.g. in case of a counterfeit product, trademark infringement, violation of patent law or utility model law, industrial design right violation / infringement of a design patent), among others in case of a problem on Amazon, or a problem on Ebay as well as on Alibaba (e.g. “Intellectual Property Complaint”, blocked or suspended ASIN or if an Amazon offer is deleted)


Action against competitors / rivals in case of violation of unfair competition law

(e.g. because of misleading advertising, false advertising statements, manipulated reviews, incorrect product labeling, e.g. because of product safety law)


Assistance in case of copyright infringement

(e.g. if a picture or text is used on the product detail page without permission


Assistance, if offered product or packaging is an infringement (``pirate copy``)

Assistance if product is genuine but sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) without the consent of the rights holder (parallel import)

Preparation of a cease-and desist-letters (C&D letter) / warning letter with cease-and-desist declaration

Amazon offer / listing / ASIN blocking or seller page / seller account blocked or suspended due to alleged infringement of rights,

e.g. violation of intellectual property rights (trademark, design, patent / utility model, copyright, infringement of unfair competition law (labeling) or without further information)

Complaint against an Amazon suspension by a German Trademark Lawyer (IP Lawyer)

Examination of an infringement allegation

(e.g. in the case of “Amazon warning” or “Amazon blocking” / “Amazon Suspension“ or in the case of an “Ebay warning”)

Warning letter because of unauthorized blocking / notification to Amazon

(e.g. by competitors / rivals)

Reaction to a warning letter (German: “Abmahnung“)

(examination of the violation allegation if you have received a cease-and-desist letter, advice regarding the possibility for reaction, if necessary preparation of a modified declaration to cease-and-desist)

Amazon Brand Registration / “Amazon Brand Protection”

(if you want to register your protected logo or your registered trademark with Amazon or enroll a trademark into the Amazon Brand Registry, e.g. a German trademark for Amazon seller)

Assistance in the creation of an Amazon action plan by a lawyer

Support with Amazon Appeal

(e.g. if ASIN is blocked or with account blocking / “Suspension”)

Listing check at Amazon or product check / account check for certain offers

Just contact us or use our query option so that we can send you our individual all-inclusive offer for numerous issues. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any problems or difficulties that are not listed. We will then check at short notice whether we are able to help you.