▶ Design application for companies with help from IP specialist for a low flat fee!

Have you developed a new design for a product and would like to have it protected? As a specialized German Patent Law Firm and IP Law Firm (among others, “Design Law Firm”), we are happy to help you with design applications in Germany, Europe and other countries, so that you can obtain design protection in Germany, design protection in Europe (“EU design” / “Community design”) or international design protection. Depending on the services you require, we offer design applications at a reasonable all-inclusive price.

Why you should protect your design

For designers, startups and established companies, it is important to have innovative developments and designs protected in order to be able to defend themselves against imitations if necessary and to have a counterfeiter / copycat blocked, e.g. a seller on the Amazon marketplace. Also, a registered design (e.g. a protected German design or a registered EU design / Community design) can be highlighted in advertising. For a protection of the visual appearance of a new product, a design registration is the best option. In addition, copyright law, unfair competition law or trademark law (▶ 3D trademark) can also be considered for this. If your development also involves a technical innovation, a patent application and/or utility model application may also be relevant.

Why you should choose our German Patent Attorney and IP Law Firm

As a specialized German Patent Law Firm and IP Law Firm for design applications in Germany and Europe (the EU) (among others), we have many years of experience in the field of intellectual property (IP) and have already been able to apply for designs and protect a wide variety of designs (e.g. German designs, EU designs, international designs, etc.).

Our offer for you regarding design protection

We offer you comprehensive advice and support for your design application at a reasonable all-inclusive price. Particularly in the case of multiple applications (serial applications), the costs for each additional design application are often very low. We also assist you throughout the entire design application process, and even afterwards we will support you with any questions or problems you may have in the field of intellectual property protection.

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If you need assistance with your design application in Germany, your EU design protection or design applications other countries, you are welcome to contact our German Patent Law Firm and IP Law Firm without obligation. We will be happy to help you and answer your questions about design registration and design protection in Germany, Europe and further countries.