Free online IP Scan: Quick pre-diagnostic of intellectual property rights through a straightforward idea protection check

With our free online IP Scan you get a quick pre-diagnostic of intellectual property rights through a straightforward idea protection check. By providing just a few general details of your idea or invention, you will receive a result after a few clicks on how you can best protect your idea or invention in Germany and which protection options (e.g. patent protection, utility model protection, trademark protection, design protection and/or protection via copyright and unfair competition law) may be relevant for it. A lengthy preparation of the IP scan or a funding of the IP scan service within the framework of the SME Fund is not necessary for it and our offer is freely available to all, from individual inventors to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to large companies.

If – after this automated, digital, free and non-binding initial assessment of protectability or corresponding protection options – you still have further questions or would like a more detailed analysis of your individual situation, you can also order an individual check with an IP Scan report at the end for a low flat rate. One of our specialists (German Patent Attorney as well as European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney, or German Attorney-at-Law as well as Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) will examine and scan the protection possibilities of your invention.

Select the idea that suits you from the list
Query of further aspects
(Non-binding) result of the automatic evaluation
To the registration with further information

Optional: Detailed examination by specialized lawyer

Disclaimer on the “IP Scan”:
This online information – as an automatic and non-binding evaluation – can give you an initial overview of intellectual property (IP) rights that may come into consideration, but does not claim to be complete or correct. It cannot replace a detailed examination of the individual case, taking into account the respective circumstances, as well as legal advice from a specialist (e.g. Patent Attorney / Patent Lawyer or Certified IP Lawyer / Specialist Attorney for industrial property protection), as there are often no conclusive statements in this area. For a legal evaluation of your specific request, we recommend our detailed examination, in which a specialized attorney will deal with your individual request.