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Industrial property rights or intellectual property rights in Germany and elsewhere are limited and not every idea or every part of an idea can be protected. Apart from copyright law – which starts to exist in Germany once the work is completed and needn’t to be registered here – there are the following four registered IP rights in Europe: trademark, design, patent and utility model. Whereas a registered trademark protects e.g. the name or logo of a product (word mark, figurative mark or word and device mark etc.), a registered design patent protects the visual appearance of a product. In addition to these rights, a registered patent or registered utility model protects technical inventions.

But how to patent an idea in Germany or Europe? Or how to get a patent in Germany or Europe with the assistance of a German or European Patent Attorney or Patent Lawyer?

Basically, a mere idea like a new coaching method, a software or app idea, a new kind of social media or online platform or the mere idea of a drive-in restaurant cannot be protected. However, when having a closer look at the new idea, at least parts of it – like the name, logo or “brand” – can often be protected. Also certain design features or even further new developments may be protectable – if they exist. A Patent Attorney (Patent Lawyer) or specialized IP Lawyer is able to give you further advice about the protection possibilities, the next steps and the protection strategy.

In order to find out, what can be protected of a new invention or idea, it is necessary to have a closer look at it – ideally, before disclosing or publishing it somewhere.

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