Patent Attorney and Trademark Lawyer in Germany: Many flat fee prices!

Our Patent Law Firm and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Germany – with a Patent Attorney (German Patent Attorney, European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) and a German Attorney / Intellectual Property Lawyer – offers many flat fee prices and represents clients and lawyers from various countries for years.

We are assisting e.g. in the following fields of law:

  • Trademark Law: e.g. application of a German trademark, European Union trademark filing, Swiss trademark application, trademark search etc.
  • Design Law: e.g. application of a German design, European Union design filing, Swiss design application etc.
  • Patent law: e.g. application of a German patent, European patent filing, International (PCT) patent applications, entering national phase in Germany, entry regional phase in Europe, patent validation as European Unitary Patent or in selected countries like Germany etc.
  • Utility model law: e.g. preparing and filing of a utility model in Germany, utility model branching, entering national phase in Germany etc.
  • Support with legal problems on the Amazon marketplace (e.g. violation of intellectual property rights)

We offer:

  • Legal support in Germany and Europe in intellectual property matters
  • Cheap flat fee prices for the application of intellectual property rights
  • Many years of experience of our professionals

Just get in contact with our German Patent and Trademark Law Firm if you or your clients need assistance in intellectual property law in Germany, Switzerland or the European Union.