“Amazon Lawyer Germany” for trademark law, design law, suspensions etc. on AMZ – FAQs

As our German Intellectual Property and Patent Law Firm successfully assists sellers on the Amazon marketplace (AMZ) for years, we would consider ourselves as kind of Amazon Lawyer in Germany (German Attorney for Amazon / “Amazon Seller Lawyer” / “Amazon Seller Attorney”) when it comes to trademark, design, patent, utility model and other IP matters on this platform like suspensions (“Amazon Appeal Lawyer” / “Amazon Suspension Lawyer”). We are also looking forward to assist your business with IP related issues in regard to Amazon Germany and other countries.

Experience has shown that there are several recurring questions concerning legal problems and legal assistance on Amazon Germany. In the following, we let you have a short summary of FAQs in regard to legal matters on Amazon Germany and elsewhere – including Amazon problems – with short answers (for further questions, just contact us):

What is an Amazon Lawyer? What is an Amazon Seller Attorney or an Amazon Seller Lawyer? Or what is an Amazon Appeal Lawyer or an Amazon Suspension Lawyer?

The terms “Amazon Lawyer”, “Amazon Seller Attorney”, “Amazon Seller Lawyer”, “Amazon Appeal Lawyer” or “Amazon Suspension Lawyer” are not finally defined. However, most legal practitioners and clients understand by these terms Lawyers / Attorneys dealing with Amazon related issues or problems of Amazon sellers on the marketplace like intellectual property rights / IP matters or suspensions of products or blockings of ASINs or accounts.

What are the costs or what is the price of an Amazon Attorney? How much does an Amazon Lawyer cost?

According to our experience, there is no general price tag for Amazon related legal services. There is rather a huge variety of potential legal issues like trademark registrations for the Amazon brand registry, the blocking of a product due to the (alleged) violation of an intellectual property right like a trademark, copyright, patent, utility model or design, the suspension of an ASIN based on an IP violation, warning letters based on unfair competition law, an appeal against an Amazon suspension etc. As these matters require individual effort, prices of an Amazon Attorney or Amazon Lawyer in Germany are different, but our Intellectual Property Law Firm always tries to give flat fees for the very matter once you let us know your required assistance and we will normally keep you informed about further costs (if any) in course of the proceeding.

What is an IP complaint on Amazon? What are Amazon seller complaints on the Marketplace? On which intellectual property rights can a suspension on Amazon be based?

As many Amazon sellers already know there is the possibility to file an IP complaint on Amazon or a request for a product suspension and to report an infringement of own intellectual property rights like trademarks, designs, patents, utility models and also copyright law.

What is the proceeding of an Amazon complaint?

In case the owner of an IP right or his legal representative files such a complaint, Amazon may make a general check and normally blocks / suspends the reported product or ASIN together with a short notice with the basic data of the complaint to the concerned Amazon seller. The alleged violation is often enough for the platform to suspend, cancel or block the reported product, offer or ASIN.

How do you reinstate a blocked ASIN? How do I appeal an Amazon account suspension? Or how to win an Amazon appeal?

The unblocking of an ASIN on Amazon or the appeal against an Amazon suspension depends on the reason for the blocking or suspension of the product or account. With our long-term experience in such matters on Amazon we’ve assisted many AMZ sellers from around the world to solve such matters and have a high success rate for such cases.

How to block an infringing product / ASIN on Amazon? Or how do I make a complaint to Amazon about a seller on the Amazon Marketplace?

Before thinking of an attack against a product or ASIN of another seller on the Amazon Marketplace based on a violation of trademark rights, design rights, patent rights, copyright etc. one should (let) check, if there is really a violation. If this is the case and you want to proceed, one can inform Amazon and can file a complaint at the platform. If you do not want or can’t file the complaint yourself, we are happy to assist you.

How to get someone from your Amazon listing? Or how to remove Amazon hijackers? Or how to get someone off your Amazon listing in Germany etc.?

There is no general answer to this question and the recommended action depends on the circumstances. However, especially in a case where the other seller on the marketplace isn’t selling an original product, there are quick and effective ways to get someone from your Amazon listing.

What does the Amazon legal team do? How does Amazon handle cases?

From various contacts with the Amazon legal team we know of different employees and different approaches to various matters. However, as there are so many different people handling complaints, blockings and other legal issues (often in different ways), it isn’t known to us what the very persons at the legal team do.

When will Amazon react to a statement? How will Amazon react to a counter-statement or clarification etc.?

From numerous cases we can tell, that it cannot be predicted, when or how Amazon will react to a statement and also very similar cases are often handled completely different. However, we have basically good experiences with the AMZ legal department and in many cases a good solution has been found for the Amazon sellers.

How to get an express trademark to sell on Amazon? And how to get a quick trademark registration for the Amazon Brand Registry?

If you are looking for an express trademark to sell on Amazon or need a quick trademark registration for the Amazon Brand Registry, a German trademark filing can be one of the fastest ways to get a registered trademark. Especially, if you opt for the accelerated trademark proceeding in Germany and pay the additional fees, a German trademark is often registered within some weeks. We’ve assisted lots of sellers in the filing of an express trademark in Germany to be used for the Amazon Brand Registry.

Our Patent and IP Law Firm with Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer (German Attorney) and Patent Lawyer (European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) already assisted many Amazon sellers from around the world to get their German trademark for Amazon registered and to deal with product suspensions, ASIN blockings etc. and are also looking forward to help you in such a case.