Attack on Union Trademark / EU Trade Mark (e.g. opposition, cancellation, non-use): Trademark Attorney / IP Lawyer assists you!

Occasionally, third parties feel disturbed by a EU trademark application or a trademark registration in the European Union and start an attack on a Union trademark (e.g. opposition, cancellation, non-use attack). Our German Intellectual Property Law Firm with Patent Attorney (European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) and IP Lawyer (Trademark Lawyer) assists clients of all sizes from around the world in case their European Union trademark is attacked and they want to defend against it, as well as in cases where they want to attack a registered EU trademark or trademark application of a third party at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) (formerly: Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market for Trademarks and Designs – OHIM).

We can e.g. represent you in the following proceedings concerning an attack on a European Union trademark:

Defending in opposition proceeding at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

opposition against a EU trademark or an International trademark claiming protection in the European Union (e.g. based on a national trademark of a EU member state, a community trademark / European Union or EU trademark or another better right like a like a company name, company sign or title of work)

Filing a trademark opposition proceeding in the European Union

against a European Union trademark (if there is an older / better right) including the correspondence with the involved European Trademark Office and – if necessary – also with the applicant to find an amicable solution (including negotiation of a co-existence agreement)

Invalidity or cancellation proceeding / action for invalidity and revocation proceeding against a trademark on a EU level

Declaration of invalidity and revocation as well as cancellation action due to absolute grounds for refusal (trademark revocation), due to the existence of conflicting earlier rights or due to non-use of a EU trademark (non-use attack)

Appeal proceedings at the EUIPO and the General Court of the European Union (GCE / EGC)

in case you are not satisfied with a decision of the European Union Trademark Office

We provide you with a free and non-committal first assessment of the chances / success rate (without prejudice) as well as a flat fee offer for the next step!

For general information in regard to the various opposition and cancellation actions you can check out the official information on the website of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante linked here.

In case you have a specific inquiry and need a “EU Trademark Lawyer” (e.g. European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney or German Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) to assist you, feel free to contact us!