EU trademark (Union trademark): Reply to office action / provisional refusal of the EUIPO by Trademark Attorney!

For so-called EU trademarks (Union trademarks) claiming protection as a trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante (either as direct applications or through an international trademark application), an irregularity notice / provisional refusal / office action is issued from time to time e.g. due to absolute grounds of refusal. As “Trademark Lawyer” (European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney and German Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) we have extensive experience in dealing with such office actions against European trademark applications at the EUIPO and in responding to such irregularity notices / provisional refusals to ideally overcome such objections.

These (total or partial) provisional refusals of protection of trademark applications on a European Union level are e.g. based on the following grounds for refusal:

  • Absolute grounds for refusal, e.g. if a trademark cannot be monopolized for a single holder but should be kept free for competitors or if the trademark is seen as a descriptive indication / sign in respect of the goods / services claimed, or if the trademark is seen as devoid of any distinctive character or if the EU trademark application is seen as misleading
  • A term in the classification of the list of goods and services cannot be accepted for being too vague (e.g. “retail store services“) which requires a specification
  • Etc.

Our experienced “European Trademark Attorney” (Patent Lawyer / European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) and German Certified IP Lawyer deals with irregularity notices or provisional refusals of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for years.

Our German-based Patent and Intellectual Property Law Firm is e.g. specialized in handling these types of provisional refusals (office actions) of the EUIPO and also offers flat rates (fixed fees) depending on the expected effort. Please contact us if you require an estimate of costs for handling this matter or if you need further information to overcome the refusal.

Just get in contact with our Trademark Law Firm with Patent Attorney (European Patent, Trademark and Design Lawyer) and German Certified IP Lawyer to find out more, how we can assist you.