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Despite the fact, that we are a German Patent and Intellectual Property Law Firm, our Patent Attorney (European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney) / German Certified IP Lawyer already assisted numerous clients and colleagues from around the world in trademark matters in Switzerland and further countries (e.g. with a Swiss trademark application, a German trademark registration, a EU trademark registration / European Union trademark, an accelerated trademark for the Amazon brand registry / Amazon FBA trademark, International trademark, trademark, trademark searches in the trademark registers etc.).

If you have questions for a “Trademark Lawyer” / “Trademark Attorney”, it is likely, that we have the answers. Feel free to get in contact with us (without any obligation)!

In the following, we let you have a short summary of popular questions in regard to trademark law in Switzerland with respective answers (for more detailed information to your very case, just contact us):

How do I register a brand in Switzerland? How do I register my brand in Switzerland?

If you have a contact address in Switzerland you may theoretically try to register the trademark yourself through the Swiss Trademark Office (precisely, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)). However, if you require professional assistance to avoid potential (expensive) mistakes it may be recommendable to entrust a specialist for trademark law / “trademark lawyer” / “trademark attorney” (e.g. a Patent Attorney / Patent Lawyer).

How long does it take to register a trademark in Switzerland? What is the duration of a Swiss trademark registration?

As the registration of a Swiss trademark at the Swiss Trademark Office in Berne (IPI) has to be checked by a trademark examiner and each case may be different (e.g. in regard to the workload of the concerned examiner), there is no strict time frame when a trade mark is registered in Switzerland. However, in a smooth case with no complaint or other provisional refusal, the duration from application to registration of a Swiss trademark at the IPI is ideally between some weeks and 6 months.

Is there an accelerated trademark application in Switzerland for an express trademark registration in Switzerland?

Yes, there is an accelerated trademark application in Switzerland available to get your Swiss trademark protection as fast as possible. By paying some extra official fees, your application has priority at the Swiss Trademark Office and you often receive the registration certificate after a few weeks.

What is the fastest way to get a registered trademark for the Amazon brand registry as Amazon FBA trademark?

One of the fastest ways to get a trademark registration for the Amazon brand registry (e.g. an Amazon FBA trademark) is the filing of a German trademark and the selection of the accelerated proceeding.

How much does a Swiss trademark application with a “trademark lawyer” cost? What are the “trademark attorney costs” for a trademark registration in Switzerland?

It is impossible to determine the general costs of a Swiss trademark application with a “trademark lawyer” / “trademark attorney” or to give a general information what are the costs of a trademark lawyer as this primarily depends on the ordered trademark lawyer services, e.g. a trademark search in Switzerland, a trademark registration in Switzerland (more precisely: a Swiss trademark application to get trademark protection in Switzerland). When it comes to a trademark application in Switzerland the costs are normally separated between the official fees of the Swiss Trademark Office in Berne and the trademark lawyer fees. On our website you can find additional information about these costs for a trademark registration in Switzerland.

Do I have to use a Swiss trademark? Is there a use requirement for trademarks in Switzerland?

Yes, you have to use a trademark in Switzerland and there is a use requirement for Swiss trademarks. However, there is also a grace period for non-use of five years starting from the end of the opposition period or end of an opposition proceeding. This means that you have to use the trademark in a sufficient way for the goods and services for which it claims protection.

What happens if I do not use a Swiss trademark?

If a Swiss trademark is registered for more than five years, a third party can file a cancellation request due to non-use at the Swiss Patent and Trademark Office and it will be necessary, that you give detailed proof of use of the trademark in Switzerland in course of the proceeding to keep the trademark.

If you need further information in regard to trademark protection in Switzerland, a Swiss trademark application or general information concerning trademark law in Switzerland, feel free to contact our German Patent and IP Law Firm.