Trademark protection in Great Britain / England: IP Attorney helps with trademark application at a fixed price!

After the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (“Brexit”), newly filed EU trademarks are no longer automatically protected there. In order to obtain trademark protection in the United Kingdom (“UK trade mark” / “English trademark”) or a trademark registration in Great Britain (“British trademark” / “GB trademark”), a separate trademark application must be filed in Great Britain with the local Patent and Trademark Office (United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office – UKIPO). We will be happy to assist you with our specialized Patent Lawyer’s Office and IP Law Firm (e.g. for trademark law).

We can put you in contact with colleagues who are authorized to represent you there, so that the costs of a trademark application in Great Britain are predictable and start at a favorable complete price of 500 Euro (including official fees of the British Patent and Trademark Office in GB / UK as well as fees of the lawyers involved). This is especially the case, if a EU trademark already exists or if you provide us the list of goods and services according to the Nice Classification in English.

In trademark matters in Great Britain we can e.g. support you with our colleagues in the following areas:

Trademark application in Great Britain / United Kingdom

“English trademark” / “UK trademark” / “British trademark” applications for trademark protection in GB

Renewal of trademarks in Great Britain / United Kingdom / trademark renewal of English trademarks

(also as parts of original EU trademarks / Union trademarks)

Assistance with possible problems in connection with GB trademarks

e.g. in case of a trademark objection or provisional refusal by the British Patent and Trademark Office or oppositions (opposition proceedings) against a GB trademark


For comprehensive protection of the most important sales markets in Central Europe, it is often advisable to combine a “EU trademark” / Union trademark (formerly: Community trademark) with a trademark in Great Britain (“English trademark”). In addition, a Swiss trademark application can also be recommendable.

Simply contact our Patent Attorney’s Office and Industrial Property Law Firm with “Trademark Attorney” (European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney as well as German Certified Intellectual Property Lawyer) with specialization e.g. in trademark law and let us know your inquiry so that we can proceed to assist you!